Chemical vs Herapathite - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between chemical and herapathite

is that chemical is any specific chemical element or chemical compound while herapathite is iodoquinine]] sulfate, a chemical compound whose crystals are dichroic and thus can be used for [[polarize|polarizing light.

As an adjective chemical

is (label) of or relating to alchemy.




  • (label) Of or relating to alchemy.
  • Of or relating to chemistry.
  • Of or relating to a material or processes not commonly found in nature or in a particular product.
  • Derived terms

    * technochemical


    (en noun)
  • Any specific chemical element or chemical compound.
  • (label) An artificial chemical compound.
  • I color my hair with henna, not chemicals .
  • (label) An addictive drug.
  • Usage notes

    * The noun is frequently used in a slang and more specific non-technical way (2nd and 3rd definition) by the general public. Chemists and those who understand chemistry may gravitate toward the first, but the term "substance" is preferred usage.

    Derived terms

    * antichemical * chemical abortion * chemical affinity * chemical agent * chemical beam epitaxy * chemical biology * chemical bond * chemical castration * chemical change * chemical clock * chemical composition * chemical database * chemical decomposition * chemical defense * chemical dependency * chemical depilatory * chemical dermatitis * chemical ecology * chemical element * chemical energy * chemical engineering * chemical fingerprint * chemical hazard * chemical horn * chemical indicator * chemical industry * chemical kinetics * chemical laser * chemical law * chemical messenger * chemical oceanography * chemical pathology * chemical peel * chemical peritonitis * chemical physics * chemical plant * chemical reaction * chemical reactor * chemical sensitivity * chemical series * chemical shift * chemical toilet * chemical weapon

    See also

    * molecule * reagent






    (en-noun) (wikipedia herapathite)
  • Iodoquinine]] sulfate, a chemical compound whose crystals are dichroic and thus can be used for [[polarize, polarizing light.