Hautest vs Hastest - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between hautest and hastest

is that hautest is while hastest is (archaic) (haste).




  • (nonstandard) Highest or best.
  • * 1989 , Fodor's, Great Britain, 1990
  • The hautest of French haute cuisine is served in this grand basement restaurant. Specialties include roast guinea fowl with shallots, and fillet of smoked pork...
  • * 2005 , Sylvia Tombesi Walton, Time Out Milan: The Lakes And Lombardy
  • Time Out Milan'' shows you how Italy's powerhouse plays as hard as it works, tipping you off to the hippest ''aperitivi , the highest fashion and the hautest cuisine...
  • * {{quote-news, year=2007, date=May 10, author=Zarah Crawford, title=Accumulate This, work=New York Times citation
  • , passage=Unlike the Collyers, Ms. Moss is a hoarder of the hautest kind, but the maximalism of her domestic tableaux, crammed with tasseled cushions, botanical prints, specimen collections and an infinite variety of luxurious tchotchkes, can still feel oppressive.}} ----




  • (archaic) (haste)

  • haste



  • Speed; swiftness; dispatch.
  • We were running late so we finished our meal in haste .
  • * Bible, 1 Sam. xxi. 8
  • The king's business required haste .
  • (obsolete) Hurry; urgency; sudden excitement of feeling or passion; precipitance; vehemence.
  • * Bible, Psalms cxvi. 11
  • I said in my haste , All men are liars.

    Derived terms

    * hasten verb * hastily adverb * hastiness noun * hasty adjective * make haste * posthaste, post haste adverb


  • To urge onward; to hasten
  • To move with haste.
  • * {{quote-book, year=1594, author=, title=A Select Collection of Old English Plays, Vol. VII (4th edition), chapter=The Wounds of Civill War, edition= citation
  • , passage=The city is amaz'd, for Sylla hastes To enter Rome with fury, sword and fire. }}
  • * {{quote-book, year=1825, author=Samuel Johnson, title=The Works of Samuel Johnson in Nine Volumes, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=He hastes away to another, whom his affairs have called to a distant place, and, having seen the empty house, goes away disgusted by a disappointment which could not be intended, because it could not be foreseen. }}
  • * {{quote-book, year=1881, author=Thomas Carlyle, title=Past and Present, chapter=, edition= citation
  • , passage=Samson hastes not; but neither does he pause to rest. }}



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