Laura vs Haley - What's the difference?

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As proper nouns the difference between laura and haley

is that laura is {{given name|female|from=Latin}} while Haley is {{surname|from=Old English}}, a common spelling variant of Hayley.

As a noun laura

is a number of hermitages or cells in the same neighborhood occupied by anchorites who were under the same superior.



(wikipedia Laura)

Alternative forms

* Lora (rare)

Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • .
  • * ~1591 William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet : Act II, Scene IV:
  • Now is he for the numbers that Petrarch flowed in; Laura to his lady was but a kitchen-wench; marry, she had a better love to be-rime her;
  • * 1960 Peter S. Beagle: A Fine And Private Place . Random House Publishing, 1982:The Fantasy Worlds of Peter Beagle. ISBN 0345300815 page 258:
  • Laura was saying something. A mellifluous name, he thought. I wish she were far away, so I could call her.

    Usage notes

    * Also used as a feminine equivalent of Laurence.


    * ----



    Proper noun

  • , a common spelling variant of Hayley.
  • , popular in the U.S. in the 1990s and the 2000s.
  • Any of several places in the U.S. and Canada named after persons with the surname.