Accustomed vs Habituate - What's the difference?

accustomed | habituate |

As verbs the difference between accustomed and habituate

is that accustomed is (accustom) while habituate is to make accustomed; to accustom; to familiarize.

As an adjective accustomed

is familiar through use; usual; customary.

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(en adjective)
  • Familiar through use; usual; customary.
  • * An accustomed action - Shakespeare, Macbeth, V-v
  • Inured to; adapted to existing conditions.
  • accustomed to walking long distances
    accustomed to cold
  • (obsolete) Frequented by customers
  • * A well accustomed shop - Smollett
  • Verb

  • (accustom)
  • habituate



  • To make accustomed; to accustom; to familiarize.
  • * Sir K. Digby
  • our English dogs, who were habituated to a colder clime
  • * Tillotson
  • Men are first corrupted and next they habituate themselves to their vicious practices.
  • To settle as an inhabitant.
  • Synonyms

    * accustom * inure