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Tunafish vs Guppy - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between tunafish and guppy

is that tunafish is while guppy is guppy.




  • guppy



  • A tiny freshwater fish, , popular in home aquariums, that usually has a plain body and black or dark blue tail for the females and a more colorful tail for the males.
  • Fred kept a tank of guppies by the windowsill.
  • By extension, any tiny fish.
  • Throw that one back; it’s just a guppy!
  • (paintball) A tube holding paintballs before they are loaded into the gun.
  • * 2001 , John R. Little, Curtis Wong, Ultimate Paintball Field Guide (page 177)
  • * I reached into my pack and grabbed a guppy to reload. Pouring in the contents, I kept my eyes ahead as I was supposed to do.
  • Synonyms

    * (millionfish) (obsolete taxonomic names) * Acanthocephalus guppii * Acanthocephalus reticulatus * Girardinus guppii * Girardinus petersi * Girardinus poeciloides * Girardinus reticulatus * Haridichthys reticulatus * Heterandria guppyi * Lebistes poecilioides * Lebistes reticulatus * Poecilia poeciloides * Poecilia reticulata * Poecilioides reticulatus

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