Gunyah vs Gunjah - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between gunyah and gunjah

is that gunyah is (australia) a traditional aboriginal dwelling made of bark and sticks while gunjah is .



Alternative forms

* gunya


(en noun)
  • (Australia) A traditional Aboriginal dwelling made of bark and sticks.
  • * 1861 , , The Burke and Wills Exploring Expedition: An Account of the Crossing the Continent of Australia from Coopers Creek to Carpentaria , page 4,
  • The following day we reached the main creek ; and knowing where there was a fine water-hole and native gunyahs , we went there, intending to save what was left of our flour and dried meat, for the purpose of making another attempt to reach Mount Hopeless.
  • * 1938 , , unnumbered page,
  • Still standing as he was, some seconds later he chuckled again to see her pass like a flash from the jungle to the gunyah'. But in spite of chuckling he was afraid to advance; indeed he even avoided staring at the ' gunyah ; and though the desire to play the faun to this nymph was in his heart, thought of flight was uppermost in his mind.
  • * 1994 , Rita Huggins, Jackie Huggins, Auntie Rita , page 8,
  • We lived in humpies, or gunyahs', that the men built from tree branches, bark and leaves. Gum resin held them together. We would sleep inside the ' gunyahs , us children arguing for the warm place closest to Mama, a place usually kept for the youngest children.

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    * mia mia * humpy


    * English borrowed terms




  • * 1843 , Provincial medical and surgical journal (page 29)
  • At the time when I received the extract I happened to have a slight attack of rheumatism, and, in consequence, I commenced the trial of the gunjah upon myself.
    (Webster 1913)