Grouse vs Grouselike - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between grouse and grouselike

is that grouse is (australian|nz|slang) excellent while grouselike is resembling a grouse or some aspect of one.

As a noun grouse

is any of various game birds of the family tetraonidae which inhabit temperate and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere or grouse can be a cause for complaint.

As a verb grouse

is to seek or shoot grouse or grouse can be to complain or grumble.



(wikipedia grouse)

Etymology 1

Attested in the 1530s, as grows , a plural used collectively. Of origin.


  • Any of various game birds of the family Tetraonidae which inhabit temperate and subarctic regions of the northern hemisphere.
  • Verb

  • To seek or shoot grouse.
  • Etymology 2

    As a verb from the late 19th century (first recorded by Kipling), as a noun from the early 20th; origin uncertain, possibly from French groucier "to murmur, grumble", in origin onomatopoeic. Compare grutch with the same meaning, but attestation from the 1200s, whence also grouch.


    (en noun)
  • A cause for complaint.
  • Verb

  • To complain or grumble.
  • *1890 , Kipling,
  • *:If you're cast for fatigue by a sergeant unkind,
  • Don't grouse like a woman, nor crack on, nor blind;
    Be handy and civil, and then you will find
    That it's beer for the young British soldier.

    Etymology 3

    1940s, origin .


  • (Australian, NZ, slang) Excellent.
  • I had a grouse day.
    That food was grouse .
  • * 1991 , , Scribner Paperback Fiction 2002, page 182,
  • They were the grousest ladies she?d ever met.
  • * {{quote-newsgroup
  • , title=SPOILER FTF - questions , , author=Stujo , date=July 23 , year=1998 , passage=Not a question but the gag of Mulder pissing on the ID4 poster was grouse . citation
  • * {{quote-newsgroup
  • , title=FS Ultralight Aircraft , , author=Leeroy , date=October 4 , year=2003 , passage=I know, but I moved from riding bikes to flying and it is a great move. All riders without a fear of heights I know that flew with me thought it was grouse - and there are no coppers or speed limits up there. citation




    (en adjective)
  • Resembling a grouse or some aspect of one.
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