Grinder vs Hero - What's the difference?

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Hero is a synonym of grinder.

Grinder is a synonym of hero.

As nouns the difference between grinder and hero

is that grinder is (anatomical) a molar while hero is a real or mythical person of great bravery who carries out extraordinary deeds.




(en noun)
  • One who grinds something, such as the teeth.
  • * 2010 , A. J. Larner, A Dictionary of Neurological Signs (page 68)
  • Masseter hypertrophy may become apparent in persistent grinders .
  • (anatomical) A molar.
  • A power tool with a spinning abrasive disc, used for , smoothing, and shaping materials, usually metal.
  • A sandwich made on a long, cylindrical roll.
  • I am going to the deli to get a grinder for lunch.
  • *
  • A kitchen gadget for processing coffee, herbs etc. into small or powdered pieces
  • The restless flycatcher (Seisura inquieta ) of Australia, which makes a noise like a scissors grinder.
  • Usage notes

    The usage of grinder and related terms for sandwiches varies widely. In the Philadelphia area, for example, a "grinder" is distinguished from a "hoagie" in that the grinder is toasted or baked, and usually lacks lettuce.


    * (sandwich) submarine sandwich, sub, hoagie, torpedo, spuckie, hero, hero sandwich

    Derived terms

    * coffee grinder * bench grinder * angle grinder * die grinder



    (wikipedia hero)

    Alternative forms

    * heros


  • (rfc-sense) A real or mythical person of great bravery who carries out extraordinary deeds.
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • *
  • A role model.
  • The main protagonist in a work of fiction.
  • *
  • *
  • A large sandwich made from meats and cheeses; a hero sandwich.
  • (food styling, chiefly, attributive) The product chosen from several candidates to be photographed.
  • * 2003 , Solomon H. Katz, William Woys Weaver, Encyclopedia of Food and Culture
  • The preparation of the hero food involves any number of specialized techniques food stylists have developed to deal with the demands of photographing food.
  • * 2008 , Linda Bellingham, Jean Ann Bybee, Brad G. Rogers, Food Styling for Photographers (page 8)
  • Protect the hero food. Whether the hero items are on a table in the studio or in the refrigerator, freezer, etc., be sure they are identified as hero items and not for consumption.
  • * 2008 , David Random, Defying Gravity (page 24)
  • The food stylists this day had spent inordinate amounts of time preparing the hero product for a close-up scene.


    * see * (sandwich) grinder, hoagie, hoagy, poor boy, po' boy, sub, submarine, submarine sandwich, torpedo, wedge

    Derived terms

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