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Grasp vs Grim - What's the difference?

grasp | grim |

As an acronym grasp

is (software|object-oriented design).

As a proper noun grim is

, probably derived from old english grimm' or old norse '''grimr''' or ' grimmr .



(wikipedia grasp)


(en verb)
  • To grip; to take hold, particularly with the hand.
  • (senseid)To understand.
  • I have never been able to grasp the concept of infinity .

    Derived terms

    * grasp the nettle


    (en noun)
  • Grip.
  • *
  • *:Turning back, then, toward the basement staircase, she began to grope her way through blinding darkness, but had taken only a few uncertain steps when, of a sudden, she stopped short and for a little stood like a stricken thing, quite motionless save that she quaked to her very marrow in the grasp of a great and enervating fear.
  • (senseid)Understanding.
  • That which is accessible; that which is within one's reach or ability.
  • :
  • grim



  • dismal and gloomy, cold and forbidding
  • Life was grim in many northern industrial towns.
  • rigid and unrelenting
  • His grim determination enabled him to win.
  • ghastly or sinister
  • A grim castle overshadowed the village.
  • * 2012 March 22, Scott Tobias, “ The Hunger Games''”, in ''AV Club :
  • In movie terms, it suggests Paul Verhoeven in Robocop/Starship Troopers mode, an R-rated bloodbath where the grim spectacle of children murdering each other on television is bread-and-circuses for the age of reality TV, enforced by a totalitarian regime to keep the masses at bay.
  • (UK, slang) disgusting; gross
  • Wanna see the dead rat I found in my fridge? —Mate, that is grim !