Lading vs Goods - What's the difference?

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Lading is a related term of goods.

As nouns the difference between lading and goods

is that lading is (countable) the action of loading while goods is (business|economics|plurale tantum) that which is produced, then traded, bought or sold, then finally consumed.

As a verb lading

is .




  • (countable) The action of loading.
  • (uncountable) Shipment, cargo, freight.
  • * 1719,
  • the ship remained there, in providing his lading and preparing for his voyage, nearly three months...


    * (action of loading) loading * (cargo) freight, load, payload, shipment, consignment

    Derived terms

    * bill of lading


  • Anagrams

    * ----




  • (business, economics, plurale tantum) That which is produced, then traded, bought or sold, then finally consumed.
  • (informal, often preceded by the) Something authentic, important, or revealing.
  • (transport) freight (not passengers)
  • English plurals
  • Usage notes

    * Adjectives often applied to produced, traded, or consumed "goods": returned, used, damaged, stolen, lost, dangerous, non-traded, intermediate, promotional, industrial, agricultural, imported, cheap, expensive, luxury, inferior, counterfeit, raw, processed, scarce, durable, perishable, baked, public, collective, digital, virtual, necessary, essential.


    * (that which is consumed) wares * evidence, facts


    * (that which is consumed) capital, services

    Derived terms

    * baked goods * bill of goods * brown goods * capital goods * come up with the goods * consumer goods * cost of goods sold * damaged goods * dangerous goods * deliver the goods * digital goods * dry goods * fancy goods * finished goods * get the goods on, have the goods on * goods and sales tax * goods train, goods van, goods wagon * grave goods * greige goods * heavy goods vehicle * leathergoods * nongoods * red goods * sell someone a bill of goods * smallgoods * softgoods * white goods