Goode vs Goodo - What's the difference?

goode | goodo |

As a proper noun goode

is .

As an adjective goodo is

(australian slang) good; used after the noun .

As an interjection goodo is

(uk|australian|nz|colloquial|slang) good; used to show approval or satisfaction .




  • goodo



    goodo' (''comparative'' ''and'' ''superlative'' ''as for'' ' good )
  • (Australian slang) Good; used after the noun .
  • * 1937 , , Wings Above the Diamantina , 1985, page 287,
  • To Knowles he said: “Quick! Give her tucker!. She hungry. She eat. She sleep. Bimeby she goodo .”


  • (UK, Australian, NZ, colloquial, slang) Good; used to show approval or satisfaction .
  • * 1957 , Horace Sawyer Mazet, Shark Fishing off the Great Barrier Reef , page 61,
  • “Now we?re cooking! It works!” crowed Bob. “And now before it grows dark let?s pour it off into our storage tanks.”
    Goodo , Bob. We rich now!” Ebony gloated.
  • * 1984 , , 1995, page 40,
  • Goodo ,” Picnic said, blinking. “Man, look at the quail.”
  • * 2004 , David L. Andrews, Manchester United: A Thematic Study , page 203,
  • Some bantering responses joked about whether David May was connected to Brian May, and the rock group Queen, but most expressed a sense of relief that anyone was willing to come to the small-town, economically struggling club. Jo Tomlinson: ‘Goodo , a signing! Even though we did boo him last year...’
  • * 2009 , George W. Adams, Under the Southern Cross , page 111,
  • John held both my hands tightly, looking straight into my eyes for several moments. His eyes moistened, “I don?t know how to thank you – it?s been quite a spell since my Janeie has been happy.” Bob gleefully joined in, “Goodo' Sport!...' Goodo !”
  • * 2010 , , A Simpler Time , unnumbered page,
  • ‘I have a sore elbow...’ I fib in a small whine, as I know she worries sometimes when I have too many nightmares.
    Goodo . Well, let me “tiss” it better,’ she whispers back, so as not to wake Dad from his heavy, snoring slumber, and with her eyes still closed—as the surrounding bush continues to coo its soft night noises through her open bedroom window—she reaches out, finds my proffered elbow, and applies a kiss.


    * righto