Goofball vs Golfball - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between goofball and golfball

is that goofball is (informal|derogatory) a foolish or silly person while golfball is a golf ball.

As an adjective goofball

is silly.

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(en noun)
  • (informal, derogatory) A foolish or silly person.
  • If that goofball would put half the effort into her studies as she does into her juggling, she might do very well.
  • (informal) A pill or tablet containing a pharmaceutical which has hypnotic or intoxicating effects, especially a barbiturate.
  • * 1953 April 27, " Capsules," Time :
  • Strong Cobb & Co. of Cleveland announced a new barbiturate which in overlarge doses will turn the stomachs of "goofball " addicts and would-be suicides.


  • Silly.
  • He announced, with his usual goofball humor, that he'd like to marry me!

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    (en noun)
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