Goat vs Goatlike - What's the difference?

goat | goatlike |

As a noun goat

is (uk|politics|informal) a member of the "government of all the talents" proposed by british prime minister (gordon brown).

As an adjective goatlike is

resembling a goat or some aspect of one.




(wikipedia goat) (en noun)
  • A mammal, Capra aegagrus hircus'', and similar species of the genus ''Capra .
  • (slang) A lecherous man.
  • * etymology: from the slang term "horny as a goat"
  • (informal) A scapegoat.
  • * 2008 , "Tigers already miss Jones", in Royal Oak Daily Tribune (Michigan), Aug 6, 2008
  • Fernando Rodney, the goat in Sunday's 10th inning loss to Tampa Bay, threw three nearly perfect innings in relief on Tuesday after being demoted from the closer role.
  • * 1997 , "", Game 7, bottom 11th inning, TV broadcast on NBC Sports, early morning October 27, 1997; words by Bob Costas
  • Tony Fern├índez, who has worn hero's laurels throughout the postseason including earlier in this seventh game of the World Series, now cruel as it may seem, perhaps being fitted for goat horns.
  • Nickname for the Pontiac GTO
  • Synonyms

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    * (group of goats) tribe, herd

    Derived terms

    * act the goat * billygoat * get one's goat * goat's breath * goatfish * goatee * goatherd * goatish * goatpox * mountain goat * scapegoat

    See also

    * chevon * ewe * herd * hircine * kid * ram * tribe *


    (en verb)
  • To allow goats to feed on.
  • * 1918 , Agricultural Experiment Station, Director's Biennial Report - Page 51
  • Rape and clover has yielded 283 sheep days of pasture, practically dry weather For the coming year it is planned to goat this area continuously
  • To scapegoat.
  • * 2001 , "A worthy Rusch to judgment", in USA Today , July 15, 2001
  • John Rocker, meanwhile, was spared from getting goated because he didn't blow a save


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    (en adjective)
  • Resembling a goat or some aspect of one.
  • Synonyms

    * caprine