Garned vs Girned - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between garned and girned

is that garned is while girned is (girn).




  • * 1995 , Gerald Martin Bordman, American Theatre: A Chronicle of Comedy and Drama, 1914–1930 ,[] Oxford University Press, ISBN 0195090780, page 173,
  • The playing could not have been at fault, since the two principals garned notices every bit as friendly as the play’s.
  • * 2004 July 11, “ing”, “ Re: Bradbury's pissed”, in misc.writing, Usenet ,
  • No, you are not disqualified -- but if your information is garned from other sources, it is subject to those sources [sic] opinions and their viewpoints ... and hence, cannot be truly your opinion, unless you feel the need to exactly mirror *their* opinions, based on their say-so. [ellipsis in original]
  • * 2007 , Robert Niedzwiecki, "SU’s win twice as nice for Lunsfords", The Winchester Star , October 18, 2007
  • Waynesburg is now 6-0 and ranked No. 25 in the AFCA Division III poll, though the Yellow Jackets haven’t garned so much as a single vote in the poll.
  • * 2007 , "USF women's hoops picked sixth",, Oct 10, 2007
  • Loyola Marymount garned one first-place vote.




  • (girn)
  • Anagrams




    Alternative forms

    * gurn * gurne


    (en verb)
  • (label) To grimace; to snarl.
  • *1999 , (Jessica Stirling), The Wind from the Hills , St Martin's Press.
  • To whinge, moan, complain.
  • *2008 , (James Kelman), Kieron Smith, Boy , Penguin 2009, p. 107:
  • (label) To make elaborate unnatural and distorted faces as a form of amusement or in a girning competition.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • A vocalization similar to a cat's purring.
  • *2002 , edited by Richard J. Davidson, Handbook of Affective Sciences , Oxford University Press, p. 569:
  • A different vocalization, a girn, simiular to a cat's purring, was observed in infants reunited with their mothers...

    See also

    * gowl


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