Guido vs Gino - What's the difference?

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Guido is a see also of gino.

As a verb guido

is .

As an acronym gino is

(neologism|fandom slang) galactica in name only — a derogatory term used by partisan fans of the.



(wikipedia Guido)

Proper noun

  • of (etyl) origin. English equivalent: Guy
  • (US, slang, pejorative, ethnic slur) a young, lower class or working class Italian-American or Italian-Canadian male from an urban environment.
  • (US, slang, pejorative) A clothing style associated with the stereotype.
  • Usage notes

    * Carries the connotation of a person who is humorously uncultured and has a thuggish and overtly macho attitude and an unyielding pride in his ancestry. Common in Northeast areas such as Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, New Jersey, South Philadelphia, Baltimore, Boston, Rhode Island and Southwest Connecticut. * The fashion style includes gold or platinum chains, diamond stud earrings, plain T-shirts or muscle shirts, tracksuits, pompadours, slicked-back hair, or hairstyles


    * (person of Italian descent) dago * (person of Italian descent) Eyetie * (person of Italian descent) goombah * (person of Italian descent) greaseball * (person of Italian descent) guinea * (person of Italian descent) wog * (person of Italian descent) wop

    Alternative forms

    * guido

    Coordinate terms

    * guido, guidette, Guidette

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    (wikipedia gino)


    (en noun)
  • (US, Canada, slang, derogatory) A person of Mediterranean (especially Italian) descent, stereotypically regarded as shallow and materialistic.
  • * 1993 , Purdue Research Foundation, Romance Languages Annual
  • Ginos are essentially teenagers of Italian background who take on what they think are traits that characterize an Italian...
  • * 1994 , Marcel Danesi, Cool: The Signs and Meanings of Adolescence?
  • Ginos and Ginas typically came from Italian households, wore stylish clothing, and listened to disco-type music.
  • * 200 , "[+//Tania//-]", "They're not going there just to get high"'' (discussion on Internet newsgroup ''alt.rave )
  • Not all ginos and ginas are the same, just becuz you've come across a couple you hate, doesn't mean you hate them all. ... Where I live it is probably 99% ginos and ginas and I get along with them just fine, in fact, my boyfriend is a gino.

    See also

    * Guido, guido * Guidette, guidette