Geometric vs Geometrothermodynamics - What's the difference?

geometric | geometrothermodynamics |

As an adjective geometric

is geometric.

As a noun geometrothermodynamics is

(physics|astronomy) the study of geometric aspects of large-scale thermodynamic systems (such as stars).




(en adjective)
  • Of, or relating to geometry.
  • * The architect used geometric techniques to design her home.
  • increasing or decreasing in a geometric progression.
  • * Bacteria exhibit geometric increase in numbers when the environment is not limiting.
  • Using simple shapes such as circles, triangles and lines in a decorative object.
  • * The building's profile was strikingly geometric .
  • Synonyms

    * (of or relating to geometry) geometrical * (using simple shapes) geometrical

    Derived terms

    * geometric algorithm * geometric centroid * geometric congruence * geometric construction * geometric correlation * geometric distribution * geometric dual graph * geometric homology * geometric invariant * geometric mean * geometric mean index * geometric modeling * geometric probability * geometric progression * geometric sequence * geometric shape * geometric series * nongeometric * quasigeometric * semigeometric




  • (physics, astronomy) The study of geometric aspects of large-scale thermodynamic systems (such as stars)