Mould vs Genus - What's the difference?

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Mould is a related term of genus.

As nouns the difference between mould and genus

is that mould is (british|canadian|australian) while genus is .

As a verb mould

is (british|canadian|australian).




Via (etyl) and (etyl), from (etyl) modulus


(en noun)
  • (British, Canadian, Australian)
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • (British, Canadian, Australian)
  • genus



  • (biology, taxonomy) a rank in the classification of organisms, below family and above species; a taxon at that rank
  • All magnolias belong to the genus ''Magnolia .
    Other species of the genus ''Bos'' are often called cattle or wild cattle.
    There are only two genera and species of seadragons .
  • *
  • Müller criticized the division of the "Jubuleae" into two families and he cited Jubula as an annectant genus .
  • A group with common attributes.
  • *1945 , (Bertrand Russell), A History of Western Philosophy , p. 655:
  • *:Recollection is one of a whole genus of effects which are more or less peculiar to the phenomena that we naturally call "mental."
  • (topology) A number measuring some aspect of the complexity of any of various manifolds or graphs
  • (semantics) Within a definition, a broader category of the defined concept.
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    Derived terms

    * summum genus

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    * generic name * class * division * kingdom * order * phylum * species * (semantics) differentia