Baffed vs Gaffed - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between baffed and gaffed

is that baffed is (baff) while gaffed is (gaff).




  • (baff)
  • without a clue, mentally exhausted
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  • (gaff)
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    (wikipedia gaff)

    Etymology 1

    (etyl), from (etyl) (m), from (etyl) .

    Alternative forms

    * gaffe


    (en noun)
  • A tool consisting of a large metal hook with a handle or pole, especially the one used to pull large fish aboard a boat.
  • A minor error or faux pas.
  • We politely ignored his gaff .
  • A trick or con.
  • The sideshow feat was a just a gaff , but the audience was too proud to admit they'd been fooled.
  • (British, Irish, slang) A place of residence.
  • We're going round to Mike's gaff later to watch the footie.
  • (nautical) The upper spar used to control a gaff-rigged sail.
  • A garment worn to hide the genitals by some trans people.
  • Synonyms
    * hakapik


    (en verb)
  • To use a gaff, especially to land a fish.
  • To cheat or hoax
  • Derived terms

    * gaffer

    Etymology 2

    Perhaps from (etyl)


  • rough or harsh treatment; criticism
  • {{quote-book
    , year=1916 , year_published=2008 , edition=HTML , editor= , author=Edgar Rice Burrows , title=Beyond Thirty (aka The Lost Continent) , chapter= citation , genre= , publisher=The Gutenberg Project , isbn= , page= , passage="Numbers one, two, and five engines have broken down, sir," he called. "Shall we force the remaining three?" / "We can do nothing else," I bellowed into the transmitter. / "They won't stand the gaff', sir," he returned. / "Can you suggest a better plan?" I asked. / "No, sir," he replied. / "Then give them the ' gaff , lieutenant," I shouted back, and hung up the receiver. }}


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