Furtive vs Lurk - What's the difference?

furtive | lurk |

As an adjective furtive

is stealthy.

As a verb lurk is

to remain concealed in order to ambush.

As a noun lurk is

the act of lurking.




(en adjective)
  • stealthy
  • Exhibiting guilty or evasive secrecy.
  • * 1949 , George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four , p31
  • But that was merely a piece of furtive knowledge which he happened to possess because his memory was not satisfactorily under control.


    * (stealthy) surreptitious * See also

    Derived terms

    * furtively * furtiveness




    (en verb)
  • To remain concealed in order to ambush.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-29, volume=407, issue=8842, page=55, magazine=(The Economist)
  • , title= Travels and travails , passage=Even without hovering drones, a lurking assassin, a thumping score and a denouement, the real-life story of Edward Snowden, a rogue spy on the run, could be straight out of the cinema. But, as with Hollywood, the subplots and exotic locations may distract from the real message: America’s discomfort and its foes’ glee.}}
  • To remain unobserved.
  • * 1898 , , (Moonfleet) Chapter 4
  • Thus my plight was evil indeed, for I had nothing now to burn to give me light, and knew that 'twas no use setting to grout till I could see to go about it. Moreover, the darkness was of that black kind that is never found beneath the open sky, no, not even on the darkest night, but lurks in close and covered places and strains the eyes in trying to see into it.
  • To hang out or wait around a location, preferably without drawing attention to oneself.
  • * 2005 , (Plato), Sophist . Translation by Lesley Brown. .
  • if we find the sophist lurking , we must round him up by royal command of the argument
  • (Internet) To view an internet forum without posting comments.
  • Derived terms

    * lurker


    (en noun)
  • The act of lurking.
  • * 1921 : George Colby Borley, The Lost Horizon
  • There were enemies on the lurk and time was against him.
  • * 1955 : John Maxwell Edmonds Longus, Daphnis et Chloe
  • ... barked furiously and made at him as at a wolf, and before he could wholly rise from the lurk because of the sudden consternation, ...
  • * 2004 : Charles Reade, A Simpleton
  • At two PM a man had called on him, and had produced one of his advertisements, and had asked him if that was all square—no bobbies on the lurk .