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Proper noun

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  • * ~1591 William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet : Act V, Scene III:
  • Saint Francis be my speed! how oft tonight / Have my old feet stumbled at graves!
  • * 1820 , Names , The Indicator, No. XVIII, February 9th, 1820:
  • Francis is one of the pleasantest names in use. It has a fine open air with it, - a sound correspondent to its sense.
  • * 2006 (Kate Atkinson), One Good Turn , Black Swan(2007), ISBN 9780552772440, page 454:
  • *:Francis had never been 'Frank' or 'Fran', he had always been called by his full name. It had lent him a certain dignity that he had possibly never earned.
  • , a rare spelling variant of Frances.
  • A ghost town in Nebraska.
  • A town in Saskatchewan, Canada.
  • A town in Utah.
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