Broken-hearted vs Forlorn - What's the difference?

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Broken-hearted is a related term of forlorn.

As adjectives the difference between broken-hearted and forlorn

is that broken-hearted is (idiomatic) feeling depressed, despondent, or hopeless, especially over losing a love while forlorn is abandoned, left behind, deserted.

As a verb forlorn is





(en adjective)
  • (idiomatic) Feeling depressed, despondent, or hopeless, especially over losing a love.
  • forlorn



  • (obsolete)
  • Adjective

  • Abandoned, left behind, deserted.
  • * (Edmund Spenser) (c.1552–1599)
  • Of fortune and of hope at once forlorn .
  • * (William Shakespeare) (1564-1616)
  • Some say that ravens foster forlorn children.
  • Miserable, as when lonely being abandoned.
  • * (Oliver Goldsmith) (1730-1774)
  • For here forlorn and lost I tread.
  • * (1796-1859)
  • The condition of the besieged in the mean time was forlorn in the extreme.
  • * (Mowbray Thomson) (1832-1917)
  • She cherished the forlorn hope that he was still living in captivity
  • *{{quote-book, year=1922, author=(Ben Travers)
  • , chapter=6, title= A Cuckoo in the Nest , passage=Sophia broke down here. Even at this moment she was subconsciously comparing her rendering of the part of the forlorn bride with Miss Marie Lohr's.}}

    Derived terms

    * forlorn hope * forlornness * forlornly


    * * (miserable ) forsaken