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Suture vs Foramen - What's the difference?

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As a verb suture

is .

As a noun foramen is

(anatomy) an opening, an orifice; a short passage.



(wikipedia suture)


(en noun)
  • A seam formed by sewing two edges (especially of skin) together.
  • Thread used to sew two edges (especially of skin) together; stitch.
  • (geology) An area where separate terranes join together along a major fault.
  • (anatomy) A type of fibrous joint bound together by Sharpey's fibres which only occurs in the skull.
  • (anatomy) A seam or line, such as that between the segments of a crustacean, between the whorls of a univalve shell, or where the elytra of a beetle meet.
  • Verb

  • to sew up or join by means of a suture
  • Anagrams

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  • (anatomy) an opening, an orifice; a short passage.
  • The skull contains a number of foramina through which arteries, veins, nerves, and other structures enter and exit.

    Derived terms

    * foramen magnum * foramen of Monro * foramen of Winslow * foramen ovale * foraminate

    See also

    * meatus


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