Food vs Football - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between food and football

is that food is (uncountable) any substance that can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life while football is the kind of ball used in american football.




  • (uncountable) Any substance that can be consumed by living organisms, especially by eating, in order to sustain life.
  • * {{quote-book, year=1922, author=(Ben Travers), title=(A Cuckoo in the Nest)
  • , chapter=1 citation , passage=“[…] the awfully hearty sort of Christmas cards that people do send to other people that they don't know at all well. You know. The kind that have mottoes like
      Here's rattling good luck and roaring good cheer, / With lashings of food and great hogsheads of beer. […]”}}
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-29, volume=407, issue=8842, page=72-3, magazine=(The Economist)
  • , title= A punch in the gut , passage=Mostly, the microbiome is beneficial. It helps with digestion and enables people to extract a lot more calories from their food than would otherwise be possible. Research over the past few years, however, has implicated it in diseases from atherosclerosis to asthma to autism.}}
  • (countable) A foodstuff.
  • (uncountable, figuratively) Anything that nourishes or sustains.
  • Mozart and Bach are food for my soul.
  • * (and other bibiographic particulars) (William Shakespeare)
  • This may prove food to my displeasure.
  • * (and other bibiographic particulars) (William Wordsworth)
  • In this moment there is life and food / For future years.

    Usage notes

    * Adjectives often applied to "food": raw, cooked, baked, fried, grilled, processed, healthy, unhealthy, wholesome, nutritious, safe, toxic, tainted, adulterated, tasty, delicious, fresh, stale, sweet, sour, spicy, exotic, marine.


    * (substance consumed by living organisms) bellytimber, chow (slang), comestible (formal), eats (slang), feed (for domesticated animals), fodder (for domesticated animals), foodstuffs, nosh (slang), nourishment, sustenance, victuals * (anything intended to supply energy or nourishment of an entity or idea) brainfood * (foodstuff) bellytimber, foodstuff

    Derived terms

    * cat food * comfort food * dog food * fast food * food bank * food chain * food fight * food for thought * food pyramid * food stamp * foodstuff * foody * health food * junk food * rabbit food * seafood * soul food * whole food

    See also

    * breakfast * brunch * dinner * dunch * lunch, luncheon * meal * supper *






  • (general) A sport played on foot in which teams attempt to get a ball into a goal or zone defended by the other team.
  • Roman and medieval football''' matches were more violent than any modern type of '''football .
  • (other than North America, uncountable) association football: a game in which two teams each contend to get a round ball into the other team's goal primarily by kicking the ball. Known as soccer in Canada and the United States.
  • Each team scored three goals when they played football .
  • (US, uncountable) American football: a game in which two teams attempt to get an ovoid ball to the end of each other's territory.
  • Each team scored two touchdowns when they played football .
  • (Canada, uncountable) Canadian football: a game played on a wide field in which two teams attempt to get an ovoid ball to the end of each other's territory.
  • They played football in the snow.
  • (Australia, Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory, uncountable) Australian rules football.
  • (Ireland, uncountable) Gaelic football: a field game played with similar rules to hurling, but using hands and feet rather than a stick, and a ball, similar to, yet smaller than a soccer ball.
  • (Australia, New South Wales, Queensland, uncountable) rugby league.
  • (Australia, Ireland, New Zealand) rugby union
  • (countable) The ball used in any game called "football".
  • ''The player kicked the football .
  • (uncountable) Practise of these particular games, or techniques used in them.
  • (figuratively, countable) An item of discussion, particularly in a back-and-forth manner
  • That budget item became a political football .
  • (slang, countable) The nickname of the leather briefcase containing classified nuclear war plans, which is always near the US President.
  • Synonyms

    * ("football" in Britain) ** (all varieties of English) association football, soccer (all varieties of English), wogball (Australian racist slang) ** (British slang) footie, footer * ("football" in the US) American football, (Australia) gridiron, gridiron football * ("football" in Canada) (outside Canada) Canadian football * footy, Aussie Rules, VFL (outdated), AFL * ("football" in New South Wales and Queensland) footy, league * soccer * (ball) ** (in all varieties of English and in all games called "football") ball ** footy, pill ** soccerball ** soccer ball ** pigskin

    Derived terms

    * American football * arena football * Australian rules football * Barbarian football * blow football * Canadian flag football * Canadian football * Gaelic football * five-a-side football * flag football * football hooligan * football match * football player * football tennis * footballer * footballing * gridiron football * political football * roller football * table football * touch football * tackle football

    See also

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