Foolish vs Gumph - What's the difference?

foolish | gumph |

As an adjective foolish

is lacking good sense or judgement; unwise.

As a noun gumph is

a foolish person; a gump.




  • Lacking good sense or judgement; unwise.
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  • *:As a political system democracy seems to me extraordinarily foolish , but I would not go out of my way to protest against it. My servant is, so far as I am concerned, welcome to as many votes as he can get. I would very gladly make mine over to him if I could.
  • Resembling or characteristic of a fool.
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  • *(Aeschylus)
  • *:It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish .
  • Synonyms

    * absurd * idiotic * ridiculous * silly * unwise


    * wise

    Derived terms

    * foolishness




  • A foolish person; a gump
  • * 1860 , Susan Warner and Anna Bartlett Warner, Say and Seal , page 246
  • Drossy saw ’em in her drawer, and for all the gumph he is, he knew the writing; and I made him get ’em for me this morning while they were at breakfast.
  • *1919 , St. John Greer Ervine, John Ferguson
  • He strikes me as the perfect example of an intellectual gumph . He knows too much!
  • * 1938 , George Smith, The Cornhill Magazine , page 816
  • ‘ Tell them what, you gumph  ? ’ cried Squibs. ‘ Are you all mad ? ’
  • * 1971 , Ronald Hayman, John Gielgud , Random House, New York
  • If Romeo were just a lovesick gumph , occasionally falling into a deeper trance in which he speaks unaccountable poetry, then Olivier is your Romeo.
  • (uncountable) Gumption; grit.
  • * Violet Hunt, The Coach
  • Never lifted a hand to defend himself, hadn’t got any gumph .
  • * 1955 , Mathematics Teaching , Association of Teachers of Mathematics
  • ... anyone likely to use the book would surely have enough gumph to try both before giving up.
  • (uncountable, slang) Gumpth; excess.
  • * 1998 December 15, T.C. Van Adler, St. Agatha's Breast: A Novel , St. Martin's Press, ISBN 0312200196,
  • Things had not been going will with Pino ever since he started to take Sister Apollonia’s bloated gumph as gospel. Thanks to the wacko, his man was actually getting a Christ complex.
  • * 2000 April, Linda Grant, Remind Me Who I Am, Again , Granta Books, New Ed edition (July), ISBN 1862072442, page 266
  • ‘It’s like listening to adolescent daughters with all their gumph and they’re going to chew you out...
  • * 2003 June 6, Chris Wooding, Crashing , Scholastic Point, Scholastic Paperbacks (November), ISBN 0439090121, pages 100-101
  • Between a couple of silent factories, beat-box music drifted over to us. Some kind of unrecognizable chart gumph ; the usual mix of soul and rap.