What is the difference between foolish and boeotian?

foolish | boeotian |




  • Lacking good sense or judgement; unwise.
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  • *:As a political system democracy seems to me extraordinarily foolish , but I would not go out of my way to protest against it. My servant is, so far as I am concerned, welcome to as many votes as he can get. I would very gladly make mine over to him if I could.
  • Resembling or characteristic of a fool.
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  • *(Aeschylus)
  • *:It is a profitable thing, if one is wise, to seem foolish .
  • Synonyms

    * absurd * idiotic * ridiculous * silly * unwise


    * wise

    Derived terms

    * foolishness



    Alternative forms

    * Beotian (uncommon) * (archaic)


    (en adjective)
  • Pertaining to Boeotia.
  • Stupid, foolish, dull-witted.
  • * 1749 , Henry Fielding, Tom Jones , Folio Society 1973, p. 418:
  • we will leave to thy sagacity to apply all this to the Boeotian writers, and to those authors who are their opposites.
  • * 1886 , , The Bostonians
  • *:Ransom reflected he might answer her that until five minutes ago he didn't know she existed; but he remembered that this was not the way in which a Southern gentleman spoke to ladies, and he contented himself with saying that he must condone his Boeotian ignorance....
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • An inhabitant or a resident of Boeotia.
  • A dull or ignorant person.
  • Proper noun

    (en proper noun)
  • A dialect of Ancient Greek spoken in Boeotia.