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(en noun)
  • A leaf of a book or manuscript.
  • (paper) A sheet of paper once folded.
  • (books) A book made of sheets of paper each folded once (two leaves or four pages to the sheet); hence, a book of the largest kind, exceeding 30 cm in height.
  • (printing) The page number. The even folios are on the left-hand pages and the odd folios on the right-hand.
  • A page of a book.
  • (accounting) a page in an account book; sometimes, two opposite pages bearing the same serial number.
  • A leaf containing a certain number of words, hence, a certain number of words in a writing, as in England, in law proceedings 72, and in chancery, 90; in New York, 100 words.
  • Synonyms

    * F, f, fo,

    Derived terms

    * folio post * elephant folio * atlas folio * double elephant folio


    (en verb)
  • To put a serial number on each folio or page of (a book); to page.
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