Intent vs Focused - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between intent and focused

is that intent is firmly fixed or concentrated on something while focused is centered or concentrated.

As a noun intent

is a purpose; something that is intended.

As a verb focused is




Alternative forms

* entent (obsolete)


  • A purpose; something that is intended.
  • (legal) The state of someone’s mind at the time of committing an offence.
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Firmly fixed or concentrated on something.
  • :
  • *2014 , Daniel Taylor, " World Cup 2014: Uruguay sink England as Suárez makes his mark," , 20 June:
  • *:Uruguay were quick to the ball, strong in the tackle and seemed intent on showing they were a better team than had been apparent in their defeat to Costa Rica.
  • *
  • *:And it was while all were passionately intent upon the pleasing and snake-like progress of their uncle that a young girl in furs, ascending the stairs two at a time, peeped perfunctorily into the nursery as she passed the hallway—and halted amazed.
  • Engrossed.
  • Unwavering from a course of action.
  • focused


    Alternative forms

    * (UK ) focussed


    (en adjective)
  • centered or concentrated.
  • Antonyms

    * unfocused


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