Recent vs Florid - What's the difference?

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Recent is a related term of florid.

As adjectives the difference between recent and florid

is that recent is recent while florid is having a rosy or pale red colour; ruddy.




  • Having happened a short while ago.
  • * {{quote-magazine, year=2013, month=May-June, author= Katie L. Burke
  • , title= In the News , volume=101, issue=3, page=193, magazine=(American Scientist) , passage=Bats host many high-profile viruses that can infect humans, including severe acute respiratory syndrome and Ebola. A recent study explored the ecological variables that may contribute to bats’ propensity to harbor such zoonotic diseases by comparing them with another order of common reservoir hosts: rodents.}}
  • Up-to-date; not old-fashioned or dated.
  • Having done something a short while ago that distinguishes them as what they are called.
  • The cause has several hundred recent donors.
    I met three recent graduates at the conference.

    Derived terms

    * recently * recent memory


    * ----




  • Having a rosy or pale red colour; ruddy.
  • Elaborately ornate; flowery.
  • In a blatant, vivid, or highly disorganized state.
  • Florid psychosis.