Effervescent vs Fizz - What's the difference?

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As an adjective effervescent

is (of a liquid) giving off bubbles; fizzy.

As a noun fizz is

an emission of a rapid stream of bubbles.

As a verb fizz is

to emit bubbles.

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(en adjective)
  • (of a liquid) Giving off bubbles; fizzy.
  • Vivacious and enthusiastic.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2012 , date=April 22 , author=Sam Sheringham , title=Liverpool 0-1 West Brom , work=BBC Sport citation , page= , passage=The effervescent Suarez then went close again as he worked space for a shot after a mazy run but could not keep his close-range shot below the crossbar.}}




  • An emission of a rapid stream of bubbles.
  • I poured a cola and waited for the fizz to settle down before topping off the glass.
  • The sound of such an emission.
  • Evan sat back in the hot tub and listened to the relaxing fizz and pops produced by the eruption of bubbles.
  • A carbonated beverage.
  • Nathan ordered an orange fizz from the soda jerk at the counter.


    * (emission of bubbles) effervescence, foam, froth, head * (sound of bubbles) bubble, fizzle, hiss, sputter * (carbonated beverage) pop, seltzer, soda, tonic


  • To emit bubbles.
  • To make a rapid hissing or bubbling sound.
  • the fizzing fuse of a bomb
  • To shoot or project something moving at great velocity.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2011 , date=January 15 , author=Saj Chowdhury , title=Man City 4 - 3 Wolves , work=BBC citation , page= , passage=And just before the interval, Kolarov, who was having one of his better games in a City shirt, fizzed in a cracker from 30 yards which the Wolves stopper unconvincingly pushed behind for a corner.}}
  • To travel at a great velocity, producing a sound caused by the speed.
  • * {{quote-news
  • , year=2011 , date=January 15 , author=Sam Sheringham , title=Chelsea 2 -03 Blackburn Rovers , work=BBC citation , page= , passage=Terry came close to doubling Chelsea's lead when his header from Lampard's mis-hit volley fizzed inches past the upright.}}


    * (emit bubbles) bubble, effervesce, foam, froth * (make bubbling sound) fizzle, hiss, sizzle, sputter

    Derived terms

    * fizzy