Fisticuffs vs Scrape - What's the difference?

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Fisticuffs is a synonym of scrape.

As nouns the difference between fisticuffs and scrape

is that fisticuffs is while scrape is a broad, shallow injury left by scraping (rather than a cut or a scratch).

As a verb scrape is

to draw an object, especially a sharp or angular one, along (something) while exerting pressure.




  • English plurals
  • (plurale tantum, informal) An impromptu fight with the fists, usually between only two people.
  • * 1881 , ,"
  • People who share a cell in the Basti[l]le if they do not immediately fall to fisticuffs , will find some possible ground of compromise.
  • * 1890 ,
  • (plurale tantum, sports, dated) Bare-knuckled boxing, a form of boxing done without boxing gloves or similar padding.
  • * 1870 ,
  • In his college days of athletic exercises, Mr. Crisparkle had known professors of the Noble Art of fisticuffs ,


    * brawl, fight, fist-fight, punch-up * (bare-knuckled boxing) prizefighting

    See also

    * boxing * fighting




  • To draw an object, especially a sharp or angular one, along (something) while exerting pressure.
  • Her fingernails scraped across the blackboard, making a shrill sound.
    Scrape the chewing gum off with a knife.
  • To injure or damage by rubbing across a surface.
  • She tripped on a rock and scraped her knee.
  • To barely manage to achieve.
  • I scraped a pass in the exam.
  • To collect or gather, especially without regard to the quality of what is chosen.
  • Just use whatever you can scrape together.
  • (computing) To extract data by automated means from a format not intended to be machine-readable, such as a screenshot or a formatted web page.
  • To occupy oneself with getting laboriously.
  • He scraped and saved until he became rich.
  • * Shakespeare
  • [Spend] their scraping fathers' gold.
  • To play awkwardly and inharmoniously on a violin or similar instrument.
  • To draw back the right foot along the ground or floor when making a bow.
  • To express disapprobation of (a play, etc.) or to silence (a speaker) by drawing the feet back and forth upon the floor; usually with down .
  • (Macaulay)


    * (draw an object along while exerting pressure) grate, scratch, drag * (injure by scraping) abrade, chafe, graze

    Derived terms

    * bow and scrape * scrape by * scrape off * scrape past * scrape through * scraper


    (en noun)
  • A broad, shallow injury left by scraping (rather than a cut or a scratch).
  • He fell on the sidewalk and got a scrape on his knee.
  • A fight, especially a fistfight without weapons.
  • He got in a scrape with the school bully.
  • An awkward set of circumstances.
  • I'm in a bit of a scrape — I've no money to buy my wife a birthday present.
  • (British, slang) A D and C or abortion; or, a miscarriage.
  • * 1972, in U.S. Senate Subcommittee to Investigate the Administration of the Internal Security Act and Other Internal Security Laws, Abuse of psychiatry for political repression in the Soviet Union. Hearing, Ninety-second Congress, second session , United States Government Printing Office, page 127,
  • It’s quite possible, in view of the diagnosis ‘danger of miscarriage’, that they might drag me off, give me a scrape and then say that the miscarriage began itself.
  • * 1980, John Cobb, Babyshock: A Mother’s First Five Years , Hutchinson, page 232,
  • In expert hands abortion nowadays is almost the same as having a scrape (D & C) and due to improved techniques such as suction termination, and improved lighter anaesthetic, most women feel no worse than having a tooth out.
  • * 1985, Beverley Raphael, The Anatomy of Bereavement: a handbook for the caring professions , Routledge, ISBN 0415094542, page 236,
  • The loss is significant to the woman and will be stated as such by her. For her it is not “nothing,” “just a scrape ,” or “not a life.” It is the beginning of a baby. Years later, she may recall it not just as a miscarriage but also as a baby that was lost.
  • * 1999, David Jenkins, Listening to Gynaecological Patients\ Problems , Springer, ISBN 1852331097, page 16,
  • 17.Have you had a scrape or curettage recently?
  • A shallow depression used by ground birds as a nest; a nest scrape.
  • * 1948, in Behaviour: An International Journal of Comparative Ethology , E. J. Brill, page 103,
  • We knew from U. Weidmann’s work (1956) that Black-headed Gulls could be prevented from laying by offering them eggs on the empty scrape veil before […]
  • * 2000, Charles A. Taylor, The Kingfisher Science Encyclopedia , Kingfisher Publications, ISBN 0753452693, page 85,
  • The plover lays its eggs in a scrape' on the ground. ¶ […] ¶ Birds’ nests can be little more than a ' scrape in the ground or a delicate structure of plant material, mud, and saliva.
  • * 2006, Les Beletsky, Birds of the World , Johns Hopkins University Press, ISBN 0801884292, page 95,
  • Turkey females place their eggs in a shallow scrape in a hidden spot on the ground. Young are born ready to leave the nest and feed themselves (eating insects for their first few weeks).


    * (injury ): abrasion, graze * (fight ): altercation, brawl, fistfight, fight, fisticuffs, punch-up, scuffle * (awkward set of circumstances ): bind, fix, mess, pickle * See also


    * 2001, Carolyn Cooke, The Bostons , Houghton Mifflin Books, ISBN 0618017682, page 172–173, *: He could hear deer moo in the woods, smell their musk, spot a scrape in a birch tree twenty feet away. * 2005, Dragan Vujic, Hunting Farm Country Whitetails , iUniverse, ISBN 0595359841, page 58, *: Female whitetails periodically investigate scrapes' created by specific bucks. As the doe approaches estrus and becomes receptive to breeding, she will urinate in a ' scrape as a sharp signal to the buck that she is ready for him.

    Derived terms

    * bread and scrape