Obscenity vs Filthiness - What's the difference?

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Obscenity is a synonym of filthiness.

As nouns the difference between obscenity and filthiness

is that obscenity is (countable) something that is obscene while filthiness is the property of being filthy.




  • (countable) Something that is obscene.
  • Martha wouldn't go into the art museum because, as she put it, "They have obscenities just sitting out, on display!"
  • (countable) An act of obscene behaviour.
  • Bestiality was outlawed as an obscenity in the strongly conservative community.
  • (countable) Specifically, an offensive word; a profanity; a dirty word.
  • Eliza couldn't stand her daughter's music; as she saw it, it was just shouted obscenities and a heavy drum beat.
  • (uncountable) The qualities that make something obscene; lewdness, indecency, or offensive behaviour.
  • The coalition of religious conservatives was campaigning against, in their view, rampant obscenity in the entertainment industry.




  • the property of being filthy
  • Synonyms

    * dirtiness