Messy vs Filth - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between messy and filth

is that messy is while filth is dirt; foul matter; that which soils or defiles.

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  • In a disorderly state; chaotic; disorderly.
  • *{{quote-magazine, date=2013-08-03, volume=408, issue=8847, magazine=(The Economist)
  • , title= Boundary problems , passage=Economics is a messy discipline: too fluid to be a science, too rigorous to be an art. Perhaps it is fitting that economists’ most-used metric, gross domestic product (GDP), is a tangle too. GDP measures the total value of output in an economic territory.}}
  • (of a person) Prone to causing mess.
  • (of a situation) Difficult or unpleasant to deal with.
  • Synonyms

    (in a disorderly state) untidy, chaotic, disorderly, cluttered


    * neat * orderly

    Derived terms

    * messily * messiness


    * German: (l)




  • dirt; foul matter; that which soils or defiles
  • smut; that which sullies or defiles the moral character; corruption; pollution
  • * Tillotson
  • to purify the soul from the dross and filth of sensual delights
  • (British, pejorative, slang) the police
  • weeds growing on pasture land
  • Grampa remembers when he had to cut filth with a scythe.

    Derived terms

    * filthy