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Fetii vs Fetis - What's the difference?

fetii | fetis |

As a noun fetii

is form of Misconstructed plural form|fetus|lang=en (the standard plural is {{term|fetuses|lang=en}}).

As an adjective fetis is

neat; pretty; well made; graceful.




  • (the standard plural is fetuses).
  • * 1994 May 30, Ralph D. Taite, " Re: Responsibility", in talk.abortion, Usenet :
  • The hypocrisy was in the Roe decision. Blackmun basically said that fetii' have no rights granted by the Constitution, but proceeded to give them rights. If he truly believed that the Constitution gives ' fetii no rights, why then proceed to give them the little protection he did?
  • * 2002' May 17, "Jadite" (username), " SQUICK: Auntie Moo and more dolled-up '''fetii ", in alt.support.childfree, ''Usenet :
  • On the subject of dead fetii in party hats: I’ve posted this link before, but it seems more “born still angles” have been added to the collection. The first one (looks like Yoda, clasping a teddy bear) has passed its sell-by date and has grown moldy. Not for the weak of stomach.
  • * 2004 January 1, "Dan Drake" (username), " Re: TSS gift report", in alt.tasteless, Usenet :
  • I have posted a picture of the properly assembled centerpiece on ABPT. I must admit, putting it back together Scopata’s way is nicer, the lights give all the fetii a pale pink fetusy look. Much better!

    Usage notes

    * The plural form *(term) is doubly incorrect. Firstly, (term) derives from . Secondly, even if (term) were a second-declension noun, the plural form would be *(term); in the correct plurals (term) and (term), with which *(term) is analogous, the first ‘i’s are part of the words’ stems ((term) and (term)), and not their case endings.




    (en adjective)
  • (obsolete) neat; pretty; well made; graceful
  • * Chaucer
  • Full fetis was her cloak, as I was ware.
    (Webster 1913) ----