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Shortcut vs Felidae - What's the difference?

shortcut | felidae |

As a noun shortcut

is hotkey, shortcut.

As a proper noun felidae is




Alternative forms

* short cut, short-cut


(en noun)
  • A path between two points that is faster than the commonly used paths.
  • A method to accomplish something that omits one or more steps.
  • A symlink (symbolic file link); especially , one that appears as an icon.
  • There are shortcuts to some of my favourite applications on my desktop.
  • A keyboard shortcut - a combination of keystrokes that provides easier access to a command or operation
  • Derived terms

    * keyboard shortcut


  • (rft-sense) To take or use a shortcut
  • Anagrams



    Not English

    Felidae has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

    English words similar to 'felidae':

    fellate, folate, foliate, filiate, fayalite, fleete, flattie, fahleite, fluate, floyte, flathe