Fauxhemian vs Faux - What's the difference?

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Fauxhemian is a derived term of faux.

As a noun fauxhemian

is someone who adopts some aspects of a bohemian lifestyle while staying within social conventions.

As a adjective faux is

fake or artificial.




(en noun)
  • Someone who adopts some aspects of a Bohemian lifestyle while staying within social conventions.
  • * 2006 , Kevin Shay, The End As I Know It , Doubleday (2006), ISBN 9780385518215, page 140:
  • A far cry from the tie-dyed life I pictured for him, squeezing out the last drops of the long-depleted Woodstock spirit with a bunch of fauxhemians a third his age who want to touch the hem of his garment (or, more likely, smoke him out) because he used to hang with Dylan.
  • * 2007 , Heather Byer, Sweet: An Eight-ball Odyssey , Riverhead Books (2007), ISBN 9781594489365, page 2:
  • The bar where we're playing — a dank little hole in Manhattan's East Village that attracts a following every three years or so when some young fauxhemian "discovers" the place and writes about it for Time Out New York'' or ''The Village Voice , usually under a catchy headline like "Dives We Love" — is quiet, almost empty if you don't count the regulars.
  • * 2013 , John Strausbaugh, The Village: 400 Years of Beats and Bohemians, Radicals and Rogues, a History of Greenwich Village , Ecco (2013), ISBN 9780062078209, unnumbered page:
  • By then many of the artists and writers who had generated all this interest had fled the Village and North Beach, abandoning them to the tourists and fauxhemians .




  • Fake or artificial
  • clothing made from faux leather
    a faux -archaic style of speech
    faux wine


    * genuine

    Derived terms

    * faux pas * fauxhawk / fohawk * fauxhemian * fauxlex * fauxmosexual * fauxnetic * fauxtatoes ----