Wikidiffcom vs Fanart - What's the difference?

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As a noun fanart is

(fandom) artwork created unofficially by fans of a book, film, etc, and based on it.


Not English

Wikidiffcom has no English definition. It may be misspelled.



(wikipedia fanart)

Alternative forms

* fan art


  • (fandom) Artwork created unofficially by fans of a book, film, etc., and based on it.
  • * '2008 , Kristin Thompson, The Frodo Franchise: The Lord of the Rings and Modern Hollywood (page 179)
  • The same genres have inspired fanart as well.
  • * 2010 , Antonia Levi, Mark McHarry, Dru Pagliassotti, Boys' Love Manga (page 16)
  • Aarinfantasy's Web site offers several areas for fans to give back—whether this is sharing fanart in the Member's Gallery or offering support, discussion or interaction in the general forums.


    * fanwork