Famous vs Inglorious - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between famous and inglorious

is that famous is well known while inglorious is ignominious; disgraceful; not famous; obscure.

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(en adjective)
  • Well known.
  • In the public eye.
  • Some people are only famous within their city.


    * famed, noted, celebrated, well-known, renowned * See

    Derived terms

    * famously * famous last words




    (en adjective)
  • Ignominious; disgraceful; not famous; obscure.
  • * , King John , act 5, sc. 1,
  • O inglorious league!
    Shall we, upon the footing of our land,
    Send fair-play orders and make compromise,
    Insinuation, parley and base truce
    To arms invasive?
  • * 1818 , , Frankenstein , ch. 6,
  • Resolved to pursue no inglorious career, he turned his eyes toward the East.
  • * 1906 , , White Fang , ch. 4,
  • He cast about in his mind for a way to beat a retreat not too inglorious .