Fairy vs Fairylike - What's the difference?

fairy | fairylike |

As a noun fairy

is (uncountable|obsolete) the realm of faerie; enchantment, illusion.

As an adjective fairylike is

resembling a fairy or some aspect of one.



(wikipedia fairy)

Alternative forms

* faery * faerie


  • (uncountable, obsolete) the realm of faerie; enchantment, illusion.
  • A mythical being who had magical powers, known in many sizes and descriptions, although often depicted in modern illustrations only as small and spritely with gauze-like wings; A sprite.
  • (Northern England, US, derogatory, colloquial) a male homosexual, especially one who is effeminate.
  • (paganism) A nature spirit revered in modern paganism.
  • Two species of hummingbird in the genus Heliothryx.
  • Synonyms

    * (mythical being) fay, fey, fae, sprite * (male homosexual) fag (US), faggot (US), poof (UK), queen (wikipedia fairy)

    Derived terms

    * airy-fairy * fairy bread * fairy chess * fairy circle * fairy cycle * fairy dust * fairy floss * fairy godmother * fairy lights * fairy lily * fairy primrose * fairy ring * fairy ring champignon * fairy shrimp * fairy story * fairy tale * fairy thorn * fairy wren * fairyfloss * fairyland * fairy-tale, fairytale * tooth fairy * water fairy




    (en adjective)
  • Resembling a fairy or some aspect of one.
  • Synonyms

    * elfin * fey * magical