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Eyed vs Eyes - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between eyed and eyes

is that eyed is past tense of eye while eyes is third-person singular of eye.

As an adjective eyed

is having eyes.

As a noun eyes is

plural of lang=en.




  • Having eyes.
  • Having eye-like spots.
  • The back of the beetle was eyed to make it appear to be a snake to a predator.
  • (in compounds) Having the specified kind or number of eyes.
  • * 1901 November 7, Gertrude C. Davenport and Charles C. Davenport, “Heredity of Eye-color in Man”, in Science , New Series, MacMillan, Volume 26, Number 670, page 592:
  • Gray and blue-eyed' parents will tend to have either gray-'''eyed''' children only or an equal number of gray- and of blue-'''eyed''' children according as the gray-' eyed parent is homozygous or heterozygous.

    Derived terms

    * black-eyed bean * black-eyed Susan * blue-eyed boy * boss-eyed * bug-eyed * cock-eyed * cross-eyed * doe-eyed * dewy-eyed * eagle-eyed * glassy-eyed * goggle-eyed * googly-eyed * hawk-eyed * open-eyed * oxeyed * pie-eyed * pop-eyed * wall-eyed * wide-eyed


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