Eliminate vs Extirpate - What's the difference?

eliminate | extirpate |

As verbs the difference between eliminate and extirpate

is that eliminate is
to completely destroy (something) so that it no longer exists
while extirpate is (obsolete) to clear an area of roots and stumps.




  • To completely destroy (something) so that it no longer exists.
  • (slang) To kill (a person or animal).
  • (physiology) To excrete (waste products).
  • To exclude (from investigation or from further competition).
  • Bill was eliminated as a suspect when the police interviewed witnesses.
    John was eliminated as a contestant when it was found he had gained, rather than lost, weight.
  • (accounting) To record amounts in a to remove the effects of inter-company transactions. FindMyBestCPA.com - Consolidated Statements (Interco eliminations)
  • Synonyms

    * See also * abrogate * abolish


    * give the chop to * give the boot to * give the sack to * give the walking papers to * vote off






  • (obsolete) To clear an area of roots and stumps.
  • To pull up by the roots; uproot.
  • To destroy completely; to annihilate.
  • To surgically remove.
  • Synonyms

    * (to pull up by the roots) uproot, eradicate, extricate, deracinate * (to destroy completely) annihilate, destroy, eradicate, exterminate * (to surgically remove) excise * See also