Distend vs Expatiate - What's the difference?

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Distend is a related term of expatiate.

As verbs the difference between distend and expatiate

is that distend is to extend or expand, as from internal pressure; to swell while expatiate is to range at large, or without restraint.




(en verb)
  • To extend or expand, as from internal pressure; to swell
  • *
  • (transitive, reflexive, archaic) To extend; to stretch out; to spread out.
  • * 1662 Thomas Salusbury, Galileo's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems (Dialogue 2):
  • These impure and frail matters are conteined within the angust concave of the Lunar Orb, above which with uninterrupted Series the things Celestial distend themselves.
  • * Milton
  • But say, what mean those coloured streaks in heaven / Distended as the brow of God appeased?
  • To cause to swell.
  • (biology) To cause gravidity.
  • Derived terms

    * distensible


    * ----




  • To range at large, or without restraint.
  • * Alexander Pope
  • Bids his free soul expatiate in the skies.
  • To write or speak at length; to be copious in argument or discussion, to descant.
  • *1851 ,
  • Now, as the business of standing mast-heads, ashore or afloat, is a very ancient and interesting one, let us in some measure expatiate here.
  • * Addison
  • He expatiated on the inconveniences of trade.
  • * 2007 , Clive James, Cultural Amnesia (Picador 2007, p. 847)
  • *:“It can't fly,” he expatiated . “It can move forward only by hopping.”
  • (obsolete) To expand; to spread; to extend; to diffuse; to broaden.