Eve vs Evelike - What's the difference?

eve | evelike |

As an abbreviation eve

is .

As an adjective evelike is

resembling the biblical eve.




(en noun)
  • The day or night before, usually used for holidays, such as Christmas Eve.
  • Evening, night.
  • *Mid-19th cent. , John Clare, :
  • *:I love to see the shaking twig
  • *:Dance till the shut of eve
  • Verb

  • To come before something, usually used for holidays, such as Christmas Eve.
  • Anagrams

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    (en adjective)
  • Resembling the Biblical Eve.
  • * 1852 , Eliot Warburton, Darien: Or, The Merchant Prince. A Historical Romance
  • ...a female form of exquisite grace was there ; white and soft as the down on the swan's breast, and Evelike in innocence of look and attire.
  • * 1939 , Addison Burbank, Guatemala profile
  • The eternal Evelike beauty that does not outmode is never found in civilized cities, but in the far corners of the world...