Eaten vs Eoten - What's the difference?

eaten | eoten |

As a verb eaten

is .

As an adjective eaten

is (especially in combination) that has been consumed by eating.

As a noun eoten is

a giant from old english literature and mythology.




  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • (especially in combination) That has been consumed by eating
  • Derived terms

    * half-eaten * uneaten




    (en noun)
  • A giant from Old English literature and mythology.
  • *1834 , "The National Fairy Mythology of England" in Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country, Vol. 10, p. 53:
  • *:The chief exploit of the hero, Beowulf the Great, is the destruction of the two monsters Grendel and his mother; both like most of the evil beings in the old times, dwellers in the fens and the waters; and both, moreover, as some Christian bard has taken care to inform us, of "Cain's kin," as were also the eotens , and the elves, and the orcs (eótenas, and ylfe, and orcneas).
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