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Condense vs Enrich - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between condense and enrich

is that condense is while enrich is to make (someone) rich or richer.

As an adjective condense

is condensed.



Alternative forms

* condence


  • To decrease size or volume by concentration toward the essence.
  • An abridged dictionary can be further condensed to pocket size.
    Boiling off water condenses a thin sauce into a soupier mixture.
  • To make more close, compact, or dense; to compress or concentrate.
  • * Milton
  • In what shape they choose, / Dilated or condensed , bright or obscure.
  • * Motley
  • The secret course pursued at Brussels and at Madrid may be condensed into the usual formula, dissimulation, procrastination, and again dissimulation.
  • (chemistry) To transform from a gaseous state into a liquid state via condensation.
  • Synonyms

    * (to decrease size or volume) minify


    * extend * magnify


    (en adjective)
  • (archaic) Condensed; compact; dense.
  • The huge condense bodies of planets. — Bentley.




  • To make (someone) rich or richer.
  • To adorn, ornate more richly.
  • To improve the state of something.
  • Hobbies enrich lives.
  • To add nutrients or fertilizer to the soil; to fertilize.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-01
  • , author=Nancy Langston , title=The Fraught History of a Watery World , volume=101, issue=1, page=59 , magazine= citation , passage=European adventurers found themselves within a watery world, a tapestry of streams, channels, wetlands, lakes and lush riparian meadows enriched by floodwaters from the Mississippi River.}}
  • (physics) To increase the amount of one isotope in a mixture of isotopes, especially in a nuclear fuel.
  • To add nutrients to foodstuffs; to fortify
  • Synonyms

    * endow


    * impoverish * (to fertilize) impoverish * (to increase the amount of one isotope in a mixture of isotopes) deplete

    Derived terms

    * enricher * enrichment


    * richen

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