Whithersoever vs Elsewhither - What's the difference?

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Whithersoever is a related term of elsewhither.

As adverbs the difference between whithersoever and elsewhither

is that whithersoever is to what place soever; wherever while elsewhither is somewhither else; to some other place; in some other direction.




  • To what place soever; wherever.
  • * , Matthew 8:19
  • And a certain scribe came, and said unto him, Master, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.
  • * 1926 , , (Weird Tales), 8, No.3 , 373-80.
  • But again I thought of the emptiness and horror of reality, and boldly prepared to follow whithersoever I might be led.


    * (to what place soever)




  • Somewhither else; to some other place; in some other direction.
  • * 1843 , '', book 4, chapter VIII, ''The Didactic
  • […] know that ‘impossible,’ where Truth and Mercy and the everlasting Voice of Nature order, has no place in the brave man’s dictionary. That when all men have said “Impossible,” and tumbled noisily elsewhither , and thou alone art left, then first thy time and possibility have come.
  • * 1919 ,
  • With Strickland the sexual appetite took a very small place. It was unimportant. It was irksome. His soul aimed elsewhither .