Nell vs Elizabeth - What's the difference?

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As a contraction nell

is .

As a proper noun elizabeth is

, popular since the 16th century.



Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • A diminutive of the female given names Eleanor, Ellen and Helen.
  • * : Act i, Scene 2:
  • O Nell', sweet ' Nell , if thou does love thy lord,
    Banish the canker of ambitious thoughts;

    Derived terms

    * Nellie * Nelly English diminutives of female given names



    Alternative forms

    * Elisabeth

    Proper noun

    (en proper noun)
  • , popular since the 16th century.
  • * 1595 , Amoretti , LXXIV:
  • Most happy letters! framed by skilful trade, / With which that happy name was first designed, - - - / Ye three Elizabeths ! for ever live, / That three such graces did unto me give.
  • * 1988 Barbara Vine ( = ), The House of Stairs , p.21:
  • "Because if you say it over and over to yourself, darling, it really is a quite strange-sounding name, isn't it? It's just as strange as any other from the Old Testament, Mehetabel or Hepsibah or Shulamith, and any of them might have got to be as fashionable as Elizabeth if a queen had been called by them.
  • * 1993 , Gone But Not Forgotten , Bantam Books ISBN 0553569031 p.25:
  • No one ever called Elizabeth' Tannenbaum stunning, but most men found her attractive. Hardly anyone called her '''Elizabeth''', either. An "' Elizabeth " was regal, cool, an eyecatching beauty. A "Betsy" was pleasant to look at, a tiny bit overweight, capable, but still fun to be with.
  • The mother of John the Baptist .
  • * 1380s Wycliffe version of the Bible: Luke 1:5 :
  • In the daies of Eroude, kyng of Judee, ther was a prest, Sakarie bi name, of the sorte of Abia, and his wijf was of the douytris of Aaron, and hir name was Elizabeth .
  • Elisheba, the wife of Aaron.
  • * 1380s Wycliffe version of the Bible: Exodus 6:23 :
  • Sotheli Aaron took a wijf, Elizabeth ,the douytir of Amynadab, the sistr of Naason.

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