Elfen vs Elfe - What's the difference?

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As an adjective elfen

is belonging to, or relating to, elves.

As a noun elfe is

a female elf, a fairy, nymph.




(en adjective)
  • Belonging to, or relating to, elves.
  • * 1857 , Olaf Liliekrans, A Play in Three Acts :
  • ALFHILD. Were I an elfen' maid, then truly, say I, it would fare with you ill! / OLAF. Forsooth, then are you the ' elfen maid!
  • * 2008', Diane F├╝rch, caption to '''''Elfen Scout :
  • Everyday she patrols the borders of the elfen realm to make sure that humans stay out.




  • A female elf, a fairy, nymph
  • :* Scho was so faire & so fresche, as faucon hire semed, An elfe out of an-othire erde, or ellis an Aungell. — The Wars of Alexander, 1450
  • :: (She was so fair and happy and seemed elegant, an elfe from another world or else an angel.)
  • :* He was takyn with an elfe ... When the clok stroke twelf was he forshapyn. — The Towneley Plays, 1500
  • :* Maiden Elfe — Jesse White, drawing caption, 2009
  • :* Fantasy Elfe And Dragon Art Wallpaper 1024x768
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