Selects vs Elects - What's the difference?

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As an adjective selects

is .

As a verb elects is





  • (select)

  • select



    (en adjective)
  • Privileged, specially selected.
  • :
  • * (1800-1859)
  • *:A few select spirits had separated from the crowd, and formed a fit audience round a far greater teacher.
  • *
  • *:At half-past nine on this Saturday evening, the parlour of the Salutation Inn, High Holborn, contained most of its customary visitors.In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass.
  • Of high quality; top-notch.
  • :
  • Verb

    (en verb)
  • To choose one or more elements of a set, especially a set of options.
  • He looked over the menu, and selected the roast beef.
    The program computes all the students' grades, then selects a random sample for human verification.


    * (to choose) choose, opt






  • (elect)
  • Anagrams





  • One chosen or set apart.
  • (uncountable, theology) In Calvinist theology, one foreordained to Heaven. In other Christian theologies, someone chosen by God for salvation.
  • * Bible, Isaiah xlii. 1
  • Behold my servant, whom I uphold; mine elect , in whom my soul delighteth.
  • * Bible, Luke xviii. 7
  • Shall not God avenge his won elect ?


    * reprobate


    (en verb)
  • To choose or make a decision (to do something)
  • To choose (a candidate) in an election
  • Adjective

  • (used only after the noun) Who has been elected in a specified post, but has not yet entered office.
  • He is the President-elect .
  • * 1811 , Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility , chapter 16
  • She began almost to feel a dislike of Edward; and it ended, as every feeling must end with her, by carrying back her thoughts to Willoughby, whose manners formed a contrast sufficiently striking to those of his brother elect .
  • Chosen; taken by preference from among two or more.
  • * Spenser
  • colours quaint elect
  • * Bible, 1 Timothy v. 21
  • the elect angels