Effuse vs Efflux - What's the difference?

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In obsolete|lang=en terms the difference between effuse and efflux

is that effuse is (obsolete) effusion; loss while efflux is (obsolete) to pass away.

As verbs the difference between effuse and efflux

is that effuse is to emit; to give off while efflux is to run out.

As nouns the difference between effuse and efflux

is that effuse is (obsolete) effusion; loss while efflux is the process of flowing out.

As an adjective effuse

is poured out freely; profuse.




(en adjective)
  • Poured out freely; profuse.
  • * Barrow
  • So should our joy be very effuse .
  • Disposed to pour out freely; prodigal.
  • (Young)
  • (botany) Spreading loosely, especially on one side.
  • an effuse inflorescence
  • (zoology) Having the lips, or edges, of the aperture abruptly spreading, as in certain shells.
  • Verb

  • to emit; to give off
  • (figuratively) to gush; to be excitedly talkative and enthusiastic about something
  • To pour out like a stream or freely; to cause to exude; to shed.
  • * Milton
  • With gushing blood effused .
  • to leak out through a small hole
  • Derived terms

    * effuser


  • (obsolete) effusion; loss
  • * Shakespeare
  • Much effuse of blood.




  • The process of flowing out.
  • We all age through the efflux of time.
    The efflux of matter from a boil can be painful.
  • * 1832 , Isaac Taylor, Saturday Evening , page 398,
  • It is there that the devout affections, undisturbed by other faculties, are incessantly in efflux .
  • * 1988 , Elizabeth Sagey, Degree of closure in complwx segments'', Norval Smith, Harry van der Hulst (editors), ''Features, Segmental Structure and Harmony Processes , Part 1, Linguistic Models 12a, page 176,
  • The remaining effluxes are pronounced without audible velar release.
  • * 2003 , Awtar Krishan, Flow cytometric monitoring of drug resistance in human tumor cells'', R.C. Sobti, A. Krishan (editors), ''Advanced Flow Cytometry: Applications in Biological Research , page 55,
  • By facilitating efflux of drugs from the intracellular domain, these proteins reduce cytotoxicity and thus confer drug resistance.
  • That which has flowed out.
  • the efflux of a boil
  • * Thomson
  • Prime cheerer, light! Efflux divine.
  • * 1963 , Arnold Reymond, History of the Sciences in Greco-Roman Antiquity , page 31,
  • Thus between the earth and the sky there is a perpetual exchange of effluxes' following a double way, ascending and descending. From the earth and sea arise ' effluxes , some dry, others moist.


    * (process of flowing out) outflow, effluxion, effluence * (that which has flowed out) outflow


  • To run out.
  • To flow forth.
  • (obsolete) To pass away.