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As nouns the difference between environment and ecoartist

is that environment is the surroundings of, and influences on, a particular item of interest while ecoartist is a person who uses art to bring about awareness of environmental issues.

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(en noun)
  • The surroundings of, and influences on, a particular item of interest.
  • The natural world or ecosystem.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-06-07, author=David Simpson
  • , volume=188, issue=26, page=36, magazine=(The Guardian Weekly) , title= Fantasy of navigation , passage=It is tempting to speculate about the incentives or compulsions that might explain why anyone would take to the skies in [the] basket [of a balloon]: […];  […]; or perhaps to muse on the irrelevance of the borders that separate nation states and keep people from understanding their shared environment .}}
  • All the elements over which a designer has no control and that affect a system or its inputs and outputs.
  • A particular political or social setting, arena or condition.
  • (computing) The software and/or hardware existing on any particular computer system.
  • (programming) The environment of a function at a point during the execution of a program is the set of identifiers in the function's scope and their bindings at that point.
  • (computing) The set of variables and their values in a namespace that an operating system associates with a process.
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    (en noun)
  • A person who uses art to bring about awareness of environmental issues
  • A person who uses reclaimed and recycled materials as their media to create art, causing as little damage to the environment as possible.
  • A person who uses only natural materials found in the environment as their media to create art.
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